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Subject : USA LS-DYNA Users' Conference (Dearbon)
10DR KOREA has given a presentation with regards to MMEReport and MMEConverter at 2014 USA LS-DYNA Users' Conference on 09 June.

Date: 07.June.2014 ~ 10.June.2014
Location: Adoba Hotel in Dearbon, Detroit
Time of Our Presentation Session: 15:25 (30 min.)

MME Converter: It is a single software tool that converts the result of LS-DYNA simulation to ISO-MME file format. Users can compare those results from LS-DYNA simulation and from real vehicle safety crash test.

MME Report: Passenger injury value obtained from vehicle crash test is output in a form of publication-quality report with regard to NCAP standards. So that Users, mainly engineers, can easily present and share results with others.

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