• License Policy

Token System

The USB type hardware key is used to check for the license of DynaX official version.
The hardware key must be plugged to the local PC or one of network PC before running the program. The hardware key driver must be installed on the PC.

If you have any questions about hardware key and license, please contact your local distributor.

Token Assignment

Multiple tokens can be stored in a hardware key and some of tokens will be deducted from the hardware key according to the using program module. Before the version 2.0, it required 1 token for basic module and 3 tokens for 3D module, however from the version 2.0 only 1 token will be taken for both basic and 3D modules.

Module Taken Token Reference
Basic Module
including 3D Model Viewer
1 Key Tree, Keyword Editor,
Full Text Editor and Building 3D Model