• Overview

What is DynaX ?

DynaX was developed as 3D engineering editor for LS-DYNA by 10DR.
It offers an intuitive user interface and efficient work environment for developing and editing a LS-DYNA’s model as simply and as fast as possible.

It has various functionalities such as mass data processing, multi-document process
ing, keyword block editor and full-text editor which have been advanced to improve the work environment. In addition the intuitive UI enables users to use the program without extra tutorial.

Therefore it will improve users’ productivity and efficiency and reduce loading time and manipulating data.

Main Features

  • - User friendly interface.
  • - Integrated work environment (keyword tree, full text editor and 3D model view).
  • - Large input data processing (over 5million graphic entities).
  • - Full support LS-DYNA keywords and options.
  • - Lossless input data read in and written out.
  • - Keyword error checking and real time explanation for variables.
  • - Various 3D expressions and functions.