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Subject : DynaX Version 2.5 Release
DynaX 2.5 has been released with a new feature.
Please, download and try the latest trial version.

* New features are:

1. Compare Chart: Display multiple DEFINE_CURVE keywords in 'Compare Chart' window. So that users can compare and analyse those multiple charts

2. Run LS-DYNA Solver: Run 'LS-DYNA Solver' from DynaX ('LS-DYNA Solver' must be installed on your computer)

3. Sorted Keyword: LS-DYNA keywords are listed in alphabetical order

4. New DummyPos: Match the coordinate values of dummy models for a vehicle crash simulation with the coordinate values of dummy models for a real vehicle crash test

5. Mass Calculation: Calculate the selected part mass in 3D Model View

6. CONSTRAINED Element Block: Bind keywords used in pairs and locate them under the virtual tap (ex.‘CONSTRAINED_NODAL_RIGID_BODY’ and ‘SET_NODE_LIST’ )

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